Los Angeles, 11-13 June 2019

During the E3 EXPO, more than 500 gamers tasted the MARS gaming chair, Mars has also been sought-after by many professional e-sports gamers. “MARS gaming chairs are uniquely crafted to serve the needs of elite players. With 3 axis multi angles armrest bridge to provide optimal and full support to gamers’ arms, diversified functions but simple adjustment. MARS provide benefits not found in any other chair at the E3.” said the team Lakers Gaming of NBA2K LEAGUE. 

Dignitas, an international esports team with one of the most iconic and recognizable brands in the professional gaming industry. They believe that “Gamers need the most convenient and efficient way to adjust their sitting positions for the ultimate comfort, mars can be satisfied. I hope our team can choose MARS in the future.” 

E3 2019 may be over, but for MARS is just beginning. MARS has clearly chosen a completely different development direction from the traditional e-sports chair: from top-of-the-line material quality to groundbreaking features. These innovative designs have made MARS uniquely competitive for Gamers.