A new era will be created by Upper Sit-Stand & Mars Gaming Chair, let’s take a closer look at them.

Comfort has launched Upper Sit-Stand & Mars Gaming Chair on Mar. 28th., 2019. Firstly, Upper has been integrated with the most advanced intelligent control and health management app-“Comfort Smart”, at this moment it’s combined with tables and it’ll be with chairs, lights, AC, etc. to create more intelligent work environment in the future. What’s more, Upper is an electric lifting sit-stand in a unit-body design with individual lifting upper table, intelligent lifting arm & screen, which can either be adjusted smartly or protect your privacy.

Besides, Mars gaming chair has been launched for competitive gamers at the same time. Our professional Research & Development team apply ergonomics to Mars through continuous test & improvement so as to develop an excellent product. So far, Mars Gaming Chair has basic, fight, sprawl , meditative ,fadeaway ,idle totally 6 modes which can help gamers be more concentrated and take good control in games to win the games like PW .Apart from that, we will develop more modes accordingly in the future.

The intelligent Upper Sit-Stand and ergonomics Mars Gaming Chair will be ready and come out in June, and we are always willing to build up long-term business relationship with high quality distributors from all over the world.