Comfort has upgraded its manufacturing headquarters with the world’s first automated assembly line for office seating

It’s another milestone for the global furniture manufacturer with the focus on creating greatly enhanced workforce creativity, safety and productivity. Continuing to lead the industry in innovation, the factory provides a clean, comfortable, technology-based working environment and delivers exceptional efficiency.

No stranger to investment in innovation, Comfort introduced an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) in 2013 – supplying material to assembly lines. The AGV circulates around the workshop and warehouse increasing the efficiency of Takt time and ensuring precise delivery with robustly run production schedules.

In 2015, Comfort introduced an automated laser banding machine and, in 2017, announced its automated packing line which uses robotic arms to load containers. In addition, they recently completed a pilot of a highly efficient automated assembly line – further demonstrating the spirit of innovation and a continued enthusiasm to be pioneers in the furniture industry.

With a commitment to ongoing investment in developing automatic systems throughout the entire production process, Comfort’s goal is to lead the way in state-of-the-art, innovative manufacturing.