Get ready for amazing new products. Comfort launched new chair, Pofit and the office planning & developing new concept of 「Science Mission Office」 -- March 28th, 2018

We are very honor to invite over 800 global distributors to attend COMFORT 2018 NEW PRODUCTS LAUNCH EVENT & REUNION PARTY which hosted in the Pearl River Grant Ballroom at Guangzhou Shangri-la hotel.

Comfort 2018 new products launch event has two sections. The 1st section is new chair launch and the 2nd section is new concept of 「Science Mission Office」launch. New chair, Pofit is the world first chair which can interact with users through Smart APP connected by Bluetooth and adopts bionic spine design to provide 300% more whole-line support to human spine. Bionic spine is the best solution for back & lumbar pain on current office chairs design field. We applied 3 distinctive videos to show how high-tech, different and ergonomic Pofit is. And our global sales GM, Eric Ho proved by pictures shot by X-Ray machine that Pofit is really able to maintain and correct human healthy spine curve. 

The second section, we introduced the new concept of office planning & developing-「Science Mission Office」. It is the new concept and new assets management system of personal intelligentized, healthy and diversified working style. Under the new concept of 「Science Mission Office」, we apply “Multi-Directional Curve Instant Pressing molding technology” to develop new products-MCI series, including MCI workstation and MCI sofa. MCI workstation has world-first smart APP connected by Bluetooth to teach you actively and intelligently to use chairs and workstation correctly and develop good and healthy working habit. MCI workstation also adapts hidden wires route, lifting partial table (both by manual operation and by electric) and lifting screen to solve all problems of traditional lifting whole table. To discover more about our new products, please get in touch with us.